The Dead Leaders Club has been formally disbanded by school administration for misappropriating school funds... and worshipping Pablo Escobar. So the members of this girl gang take refuge in a treehouse to continue their idolization, joined by a new recruit who may or may not be Pablo’s long lost daughter. But are they just messing with each other, or could they actually be messing with a higher spirit? Our Dear Dead Drug Lord explores the tension between violence and eroticism, and questions who the millennial generation will become if we don’t pay attention.  (4 f, 1 m)

  • Workshop. Black Swan Lab. Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Ashland, OR. 2017.
  • Staged reading/workshop. Off the Grid Theatre Company. Boston, MA. 2017.


A #newplay about millennials navigating the curious waters of adulthood: relationships, feminism, sexuality, mental health, and all the ambiguous feelings that define humanity.

  • Staged reading/Workshop. Off the Grid Theatre Company. Boston, MA. 2017.

MACK - Full Length

A contemporary spin-off of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Mack examines the struggle of power in 2008 Iraq. After being captured by Iraqi militants, US Army Sergeant Mack must fight for her life and civility. This real-time thriller questions American values and explores what it means to be in control. (3 m, 1 f)

  • Staged reading. Boston Playwrights' Theatre + Erbaluce. Boston, MA. 2015.


PANIC ON 32 - Full Length

Twins, astronauts, Batman, domestic terrorism,  and other things. (3 m, 4 f)

  • Staged reading (excerpt). Adaptive Arts Theatre Company. Dir. Marielle Duke. NYC, NY. 2015



Adapted from Charlotte Perkins Gilman's seminal short story, THE YELLOW WALLPAPER follows a woman's slow descent into madness after being institutionalized. (1 f)

  • Production. Persephone Theatre Project/Off the Grid Theatre Company. Dir. Christopher Webb. Boston, Ma. 2014.


EL OSO - One Act

Elena has shut herself from the world in mourning, much to the objection of her maid Lucia, until one day Sandoval, an exotic animal dealer, comes to collect debt owed to him by her late husband. With fiery passion, hate turns into love. El Oso puts a telenovela twist on Chekhov’s The Bear. (2 f, 1 m)

  • Region 1 Finalist. KCACTF John Cauble Short Play Award. 2018.


WARTIME is a dance theatre piece in six parts exploring American values and politics in our post-9/11 world. An amalgamation of speeches, music, movement, political rhetoric, homages, hopes, fears, and dreams. (14+ m/f)

  • Production. "New Play Project". The Company Company. Dir. Dylan Guerra. Miami, Fl. 2012.
  • Staged reading. "Fox Tales". Off the Grid Theatre Company. Boston, Ma. 2012.


A year after Kip dies in the war in Afghanistan his boyfriend Landon, sister June, and best friend Billie meet again. They attempt to find refuge in sleep, but their grief-induced dreams force them to face what they are running from. Falling Awake is a look into the unapologetic nature of dreams and how we cope with loss. (2 m, 2 f)

  • Production. "Final Frontier Festival". Gadfly Theatre Productions. Dir. Mel Day. Minneapolis, Mn. 2014
  • Staged reading. "Fox Tales". Off the Grid Theatre Company. Boston, Ma. 2012.

AFTERSHOCKS - Ten Minute Play

A woman, soaking wet, peels an orange as she puts the pieces of her life back together. (1 m, 1 f)

  • Production. "New Playwrights Festival". New World School of the Arts. Dir. LaVonna Canfield. Miami, Fl. 2010.


BITCH and FORWARD - One Minute Plays

Two plays written in response to the 2016 Presidential Election.

  • Production. "6th Annual 1MPF: Nasty Women Strike Back". Boston, MA. 2017
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